100% Biodegradable Bamboo Straws (10-Piece Set)


Bamboo straws are taking the market by storm! They are known to be food to the soil, making it the only biodegradable material that is also reusable. These handmade robust straws give farmers and villagers an extra source of income through their skillful expertise and craftsmanship! With no two pieces being identical in diameter, you get the best experience of drinking from a handcrafted straw gifted by mother nature. They are easy on the teeth making them perfect and safe for all ages! They are dishwasher friendly and are recommended to be dried in an opened space, rather than sitting in a cabinet in order to prevent mold and use them to their full lifespan. We recommend only storing them in the box or pouch when traveling and when you are on the go. 

For deep cleaning, we recommend boiling some water mixed with a little bit of vinegar and just let the straws soak in there for about 5-10 minutes every couple of weeks if you use them often or if you feel a simple rinse isn't doing the trick. Also, Bamboo straws love sunbathing! Try to dry them under the sun on a hot sunny day to uphold their lifespan and beautiful yellow color. It's their version of a great tan! We also always encourage users to clean the inside with the brush after each rinse or wash. Consider it like flossing but for straws!

Key Features:

Feature 100% Biodegradable
Bar Accessories Type Drinking Straws
Type Bar Accessories
Quantity 10
Size L: 21CM/8.0in OD: 8-9mm D: 4-5mm

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