Heavy Duty Plant Grow Bags (3-Piece Set)


Suited for all types of plants, these bags have been especially designed to help you reap the benefits of hydroponic gardening. This is made possible by the non-woven material that is breathable and resists mold and mildew and allows good circulation of moisture and air.

These bags are made for lightweight plants, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers avocado, flowers, squash, peppers, herbs and more! They are breathable material with UV protection against harmful sun-rays and come with a window to monitor the harvesting process! Planting made simple.

Their compact design makes them fit for anyone who has little to no garden space. Fit them on any patio, balcony, or terrace! The thick and sturdy handles make them easily mobile even when filled without having to worry about damage.

Each option comes in 3 pieces of the same color and size you select.

Available Sizes:
Small: 25cm x 30xm
Medium: 30cm x 35cm
Large: 35cm x 40cm

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