Hangable Storage Bags (5-Piece Set)


Tired of a messy kitchen? Let's help you get organized! Our multipurpose storage bags are kitchen's dream come true! Simply separate, store, and align your fruits and vegetables in these see through mesh bags and hang them up where it's visible! Always see how many items you have left from a distance and never have to rummage to find out that it's time for a refill. 

A perfect breathable storage pouch that can also be used in your bathrooms and closets!

These Hangable eco-friendly produce bags are one of the best inventions. We know how many plastic bags are being thrown away by us every day. Try using these eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic bags that you may currently be using. 

Each set comes with 5 pieces: 3 wide and 2 long!

Key Features:

Style Classic and Modern
Material Non-Woven Mesh Fabric
Nature Hangable
Sizes Wide Piece: 26cm x 29cm
Long Piece: 40cm x 11.5cm

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